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Provably Fair with a Third Party: Us

We have devised a clever little ceremony that allows us (a third party) to participate in a casinos provably fair game result generation. We call our service Vx (short for Verified-By). After careful design we ensure the following guarantees:
  • The player is able to verify their games (all provably fair guarantees are preserved!)
  • Vx is able to verify all games (immediately!)
  • The casino does not need to trust a player (aka the status-quo)
  • The casino does not need to trust Vx
  • A player and Vx can not conspire to cheat the casino
  • A player and the casino can not conspire to trick Vx

The Benefits to the Player

Under a standard provably fair system, if a player is cheated, the burden falls on them to validate their games meticulously—an often technical task that fewer than 1 in 10,000 players undertake. Furthermore, even if a player identifies cheating, they lack tangible evidence to present. Claims against casinos typically are baseless, which makes any legitimate complaint without evidence difficult to present. With the introduction of Actually Fair, players gain a third-party who can verify their games on their behalf, without compromising the players' ability to validate the games independently, should they question Actually Fair's credibility.

The Benefits to the Casino

Operating an online casino can be slightly terrifying. With so many possible exploit vectors, it's almost impossible to be totally confident in the security of your system. And to make matters worse, exploits can (and most often are) totally undetected/undetectable. Would a casino really notice if your cloud-hosting provider had a malicious employee that peeked at its server seed and proceded to carefully use it?
Our service, Vx, provides massive security benefits by actively contributing to game outcomes. Thus, even if the casino's security is entirely compromised, Vx maintains a record of its transactions. This allows casino owners to conduct independent audits and reconcile the findings with their actual revenue. This newfound insight provides unprecedented assurance. Never again question if a players win was legitimate or not. Know.

The Potential Challenges

The most notable drawback lies in the fact that Vx becomes an essential component in the casino's game betting pathway. This means that for every single bet, the casino must communicate with Vx. If Vx's service suffers from any delay or disruption, all bets will be affected correspondingly. This is something we take very seriously, and have put a huge amount of effort on. We have designed our system to shard, so we can offer every casino their own dedicated service that is hosted physically close to their servers.

Diving into the Details

To understand our approach better, we invite you to examine this comprehensive sequence diagram. For those who wish to delve deeper, please feel free to explore this illustrative demo or checkout our api docs