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How Actually Fair Works

There are three parties:

  • Player (the person gambling)
  • GS (Short for Game Server, i.e. the casino)
  • Vx (Short for Verified-By, the service that is run by Actually Fair to verify games)

Here's the standard flow. Note this entire sequence diagram is scoped per player. In other words the game server will be doing this for multiple players.

sequenceDiagram actor Player participant GS as Game Server participant VX as Verified By Note over GS: The game server needs a secret for game generation GS->>GS: GS_SEED := random_256_bits() Note over GS: Makes a commitment to it GS->>GS: GS_COMMITMENT := sha256(GS_SEED) Note over GS, VX: The game server sends its commitment GS->>VX: vx.make_commitment(GS_COMMITMENT) Note over VX: VX records this, and returns a public key (using BLS) VX-->>GS: VX_PUBKEY Note over GS, Player: The player is given what it needs to verify games<br>(in the future) GS->>Player: GS_COMMITMENT, VX_PUBKEY Note over Player: The player can record this, and picks their own<br>PLAYER_SEED to influence games Player->>GS: PLAYER_SEED GS->>GS: NONCE := 0 loop Each Bet Note over Player: The player makes a wager Player->>GS: WAGER Note over GS: The Game Server calculates its unpredictable contribution to the game result GS->>GS: GS_CONTRIBUTION := HMAC.SHA256(GS_SEED, PLAYER_SEED || ':' || NONCE) Note over GS,VX: The game server requests the final piece of information<br> needed to construct a bet outcome GS->>VX: vx.make_message(GS_COMMITMENT, GS_CONTRIBUTION, WAGER) Note over VX: VX records the details of this wager VX->>VX: VX_SIGNATURE := bls.sign(GS_CONTRIBUTION, VX_PRIVATE_KEY) VX-->>GS: VX_SIGNATURE Note over GS: Should make sure VX is not cheating GS->>GS: bls.verify(VX_SIGNATURE, GS_CONTRIBUTION, VX_PUBKEY) Note over GS,VX: Can derive wager results from<br> VX_SIGNATURE, Wager GS-->>Player: Wager Result GS->>GS: NONCE := NONCE + 1 end Player->>GS: Please reveal your secret Note over GS: The Game Server must be careful to never use this seed again GS-->>Player: GS_SEED Note over Player: Player can now verify all games Note over GS, VX: VX would also like to know the GS_SEED<br>so it can also a player-oriented verification GS->>VX: vx.make_reveal(GS_SEED)