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Vx Trial Tier

For testing and trial purposes we are happy to provide you with a free account and offer basic support. No real guarantees.

Vx At-Cost Pricing

Our goal is to offer Vx at cost. We will set you up with your own dedicated Vx server on a large cloud provider, located in a physical region of your choice (i.e. to lower latency) and let you pick the specs (maybe you want a small cheap instance, or perhaps need a highly availble, high performance cluster). What ever it is, we'll pass these costs on to you. Furthermore we offer (highly) technical support for around $100/hour which includes help with integration and developing new bet types.

Bad Luck Insurance

Casino bankroll management is a pretty well-understood problem as bets generally have quantifiably odds and outcomes. But responsible bankroll management (positive expected bankroll growth) often means casinos need restrictive limits, because they simply don't have the bankroll or turnover. So we offer an insurance solution to casinos: We will pay you if you have bad luck, you pay us if you don't. Now you can safely and responsible attract and retain larger players. Note: This product is strictly only offered to casinos who use Vx as it allows us to verify outcome/wins